Frequently Asked Questions
 Air Conditioning

910 Beach does NOT have air-conditioning.  The temperature in Vancouver rarely goes above the point where air conditioning is required.  We have provided each bedroom with either a table top or a floor standing 3 speed fan.  All suites have windows that are capable of opening to allow the English Bay sea breeze to flow through.

 Cancellation Policy

Failure to cancel your reservation for Bachelor, Junior Suites, One Bedroom Suites, One Bedroom Deluxe Suites or Townhouses before 48hrs of the arrival date will result in 1 (one) night’s room and taxes to be charged to your credit card used at the time of making the reservation.

Failure to cancel reservations for Penthouse Suites or the 2 or 3 Bedroom Suites before 7 days of arrival date will result in the entire length of stay room and taxes to be charged to your credit card used at the time of making the reservation.

910 Beach has a zero tolerance for partying and it is an absolutely no smoking facility. Either of these can result in immediate eviction from the premises.

 Children & their needs

There is a small limited number of cribs, highchairs and playpens available on a first come, first served basis.  In order to eliminate disappointment and to ensure that your child's needs are met, we would encourage you to contact:  WEE Travel Inc, Baby Equipment Rentals, 604-222-4722 or visit their website


 Check In / Check Out Times

Check in time is 4:00pm on your day of arrival and check out time is 11:00am on your day of departure. 

We guarantee that all rooms will be ready for arrival by 4:00pm.  For guests arriving before 4pm, if your room is ready, we will check you in immediately.  If your room is not ready when you arrive before 4pm, we can certainly store your luggage until 4pm or later.

Check out time is 11:00am on your day of departure.  Late check out times MAY be available but are not guaranteed. Upon request and approval by manager, no charge for late check out up to noon (12:00pm) , from noon to 3pm would be an additional ½ rate charge, anytime past 4pm would be a full rate charge.

Fitness Facilities

910 Beach has a modest fitness facility with an exercise bike, treadmill and weight stack. To see pictures of fitness room, please click HERE.


910 Beach does not have any Food and Beverage outlets on property.  Each of our rooms are self contained condominium units with cooking facilities.

There are some outstanding restaurants within a short walk of the hotel.  Please see the section ‘Local Dining Options’ on the left side of this page.

 Included in Rate

Please note that your room rate does not include any incidentals that you may incur, such as local or long distance calling, laundry services such as dry cleaning, parking charges, internet charges or gratuities, nor does it include any municipal, provincial taxes.

Your rate does include a daily first come first served continental breakfast served in the lobby daily from 6:30am to 9:30am.

Internet Services

All suites are equipped with wireless high-speed internet connection. Charges are $4.99 per day, $19.99 per week, or $39.99 per month plus taxes)


All suites have fully stocked kitchens, including 3 pots with lids and 1 frying pan, cooking utensils, set of 3 pyrex mixing bowls, cheese grater, cutting boards, set of sharp kitchen knives, cutlery, china, glassware, toaster, kettle, full size fridge, stove and dishwasher. Of course, you have to bring your own food!

 Luggage Storage

We have a small storage area where we can store your luggage for a short time.  Perfect for early arrivals or if you have a late flight home, and want to store your luggage so you can squeeze in one more day of shopping!

 Maid Service

For stays of 6 days or less - Each room receives daily maid service
For stays of 7 days to 30 days – Receives twice per week maid service.


910 Beach provides underground; double gated secure parking for an additional $18 per vehicle per day (plus taxes) with full in and out privileges. Parking will be subject to a 21% Translink tax and 5% federal sales tax for a total of 26% tax.

 Party Policy

Large & loud parties are strictly forbidden at the hotel and a strict quiet by 11:00pm (indoors and out) is heavily enforced.  Any misbehavior or inconvenience to any guest will not be tolerated, and may result in your immediate eviction from the premises.

910 Beach Avenue has a zero tolerance for partying and it is an absolutely no smoking facility inside or out in all public areas. 

 Penalties for early check out / Late check out

910 Beach has a high occupancy year round.  Penalty may be implemented if sufficient time has not been provided due to a change with ones departure for long-term contracts.

Late check out times MAY be available but are not guaranteed. Upon request and approval by manager, no charge for late check out up to noon (12:00pm).  From noon to 3pm would be an additional 1/2 rate charge, anytime past 4pm would be a full rate charge.

 Pet Policy

We have DESIGNATED pet rooms available (Junior Suite, Room #202 & #212)). Pet cleaning fee ranges between $50 (short-haired/toy dogs) - $250 (larger dogs). Advance booking is required and subject to availability.

For long term contracts, pets MAY be permitted ONLY with previous authorization and screening from management which will be written in your monthly stay contract.  Pet cleaning fees for long terms are $250 per stay plus applicable taxes. For guests who arrive with a pet without previous authorization, will be denied access.

Pet owners are responsible for any and all damages incurred by pet, which would include noise complaints as a result of barking or any other pet generated noise that results in disturbing other guests.


910 Beach Avenue does not have a pool.  The closest indoor public pool is located 1/2 block from hotel on 1050 Beach Avenue at the Vancouver Aquatic Center.  They can be reached at 604-665-3424 for schedules and admission fees, or by visiting their website.

 Room with a Balcony (NO smoking on Balcony !)

There are a small limited number of rooms with a balcony.  Please note that due to the high number of requests for rooms with Balconies, we cannot guarantee a balcony but we will try our best to accommodate all requests.  Suites that are guaranteed to have a balcony or patio are penthouses, townhouses, bedroom deluxes or the executive one bedroom suite with balcony.

 Room with a View

There are a small number of suites that have water views.  Our facility is an 8 story building that is surrounded by 10-20 story residential towers.  Views are limited, however to ensure you have a partial water view with either Granville Island, Marina or bridges, please make sure to book a premier Junior Suite, executive one bedroom suite or any of the penthouses.


910 Beach Avenue prides itself on its no-smoking policies.  All guest rooms, indoor and outdoor public areas are 100% non-smoking, and this includes outdoor balcony and patio spaces that may or may not be attached to your suite.  If a guest wishes to smoke, we would respectfully request that you remove yourself from the property and away from all windows, doors, entrances and exits.  Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor/outdoor spaces with out exception.  Smoking anywhere on 910 Beach property will result in a $200 by-law fine plus taxes.

 Star or Diamond Rated

Being an independent privately owned condominium rental facility, we are not affiliated with any star or diamond rating system.  We are members of Tourism Vancouver and are a BC approved tourist accommodation, regularly inspected by Super Natural British Columbia for our housekeeping standards.  Award winning in 2003 by the British Columbia and Yukon Hotels Association in recognition of our 'Impeccable, consistently high housekeeping standards'